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NameHOG are domain name registrars & web hosting providers. We can provide you with innovative ideas and technical know how on the Internet. We can provide you with, individual, affordable Internet solutions available for everyone, from single person businesses to multi million pound businesses with dedicated marketing budgets.


NameHOG Ltd. use one of the most powerful & modern server data centres in the world. A highly motivated team of support staff & total customer dedication, NameHOG is able to bring you the best. The NameHOG team try to give you the best in Internet Services, what you see on the website is what you get. Our servers are built to last, between all of our servers, they process over 1.8 Million emails per day.. every day! That's on average 20 emails every second.

Award Winning Service


Our prices are very competitive compared to most Internet Web Hosting Providers and the services are just the same, in fact NameHOG can provide a higher level of service than a lot of other UK hosting companies. Take a good look at our hosting plans on the Comparison Page and try to find the equivalent packages at the same prices anywhere on the internet, we are certain that you wont ever find another provider who can match our services and value for money.


NameHOG actively check out the competition and keep our prices lower than anywhere else in the UK and make sure you get the best value for your money! We have won many awards for Internet Services and will hopefully continue on the same path.


The Team


Everyone at NameHOG is an expert in web hosting, dedicated servers and the Internet industry in general. We only employ people who are capble of providing first rate support to ensure the customer is fully satisfied.


Our team is made up of people with varied backgrounds and experience in different ket areas so that between us we are able to serve our customers better.


At NameHOG we have a clear policy to speak plain English so that people do not feel bombarded with information that they may not understand, we will spend as little or as much time on the telephone resolving issues until the customer is happy.

We Support UK Charities

At NameHOG we try to help charities by offering either free web hosting and domain registration for life of the charity. If you are a charity, all you need to do is telephone us first before signing up so that we can give you a unique discount code and check that you are a valid charity. If you are a charity and looking at telephoning us to buy tickets, calendars to raise money for charity or any other fund raising project, we select the charity we donate to at the start of each year. We are currently supporting over 20 different charities and organisations.


Lennox Childrens Cancer Fund

Alcoholics Anonymous Dumbarton Greyhounds4u Relate Northamptonshire



Company Information

NameHOG is a brand of Paragon Internet Group Limited. NameHOG was started in April 2000 and is now one of the top UK Hosting companies having been acquired by Paragon Internet Group Limited in January 2014.


UK Company Number (7573953)

VAT Number: 182 1470 21