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NameHOG is a brand of Paragon Internet Group Limited registered in England (Company No. 7573953), whose registered office is at The Shipping Building, Old Vinyl Factory, Blyth Road, Hayes, UB3 8HA.

The acceptable use policy is part of the main Terms and Conditions that can be found here. This page is seperate as it lists all the do's and don'ts of the service provided by NameHOG.


Publication Date of AUP: 18th December 2008


Quick Links: [ What you must not do ] [ What you must do ] [ Termination Process ]


Dedicated Servers & Colocation Servivces: [ Acceptable Use Policy PDF Document ]
NameHOG Broadband / ADSL Services: [ Acceptable Use Policy PDF Document ]



What You Must Not Do:
NameHOG do not permit the sharing of bandwidth between sites where they both or all are hosted by NameHOG. This includes the sharing of image and filestores between multiple hosting packages by means of linking or other means. Where this misuse is discovered, an administrator file will be added to stop cross linking of files. Hosting space is provided solely for providing files for that one domain and hosting.


YMN-2: You must not under any circumstances run live video feeds or live web cams that are connected directly with your web site, this is very bandwidth intensive and you will be charged £1 + VAT per Gb of excess bandwidth you use. This also covers video conferencing via your web site. The reason for us having to block this is due to the large ADSL lines available to the public creating massive links between your PC and our servers.


YMN-3: Any client of NameHOG found to be posting negative comments or advertising services provided by other hosting companies shall have their account terminated with immediate effect. We do not appreciate people posting comments on other sites or our own.


YMN-4: You must not request transfer of your domain names out of NameHOG to a different provider within the first 90 days of service / registration / renewal date or transfer to NameHOG. All requests made in the first 90 days service / registration / renewal date or transfer to NameHOG will be declined. If you wish to have your name released in this period, there is a £75 + VAT release fee which needs paying upfront by cheque (which needs to be cleared), this cannot be processed on card.


YMN-5: Any individual found to be posting negative comments, abuse or in any way attempting to damage the reputation of NameHOG is likely to be pursused with legal action. Any NameHOG clients found doing this will have their account removed immediately. All our telephone calls are recorded so it is not wise to call us and use offensive language or threatening behaviour on us as the information gathered will be used against you and your account with be immediately terminated.


YMN-6: NameHOG reserve the right to terminate any hosting account giving 24 hours or less notice. If you email us using threatening or abusive behavior we will terminate your account. We do not tolerate this. In the event that your account is terminated you will not be refunded for any service that has not been used. We cannot be held responsible for loss of business due to termination. On termination we will give you the transfer key for any US domains, and for UK domains we will request a new IPS tag.


YMN-7: NameHOG do not allow Warez/MP3 Sites or IRC Bots, hack scripts and also you may not run server processes such as talkers or IRC Bots etc from your login account or web space. Any hosting account found to have scripts to execute telnet / IRC, or any other server compromising commands through a web interface will have their web site removed immediately with no notice. Your domain name will also be released back to the registry, in the case of a UK domain name it will be DETAGGED with no notice. If your site is found to have compromised the server, it will not be put back online and you will be asked to host it elsewhere.


YMN-8: You must not register a domain name in bad faith or register a domain name to potentially be seen as passing yourself off as another business or in any way try to 'trick' people into thinking they are at the correct website due to a spelling mistake. If you are found to be using a domain name in this way we have the power to stop the forwarding of the domain name and remove it from your control, we strongly advise that you do not use any domain name in this way else you could potentially face legal action from a third party or have your name removed from you via a third party dispute resolution service either via Nominet or Melbourne IT.


YMN-9: You must not store temporary session files or make any attempt at using the /tmp folder on the server for holding your session files. The /tmp folder has been secured and will not permit you to store files there or use it for image uploads of any form of temporary storage. You must create a folder within your own hosting account and store session files here. Most of the time you can configure where to store these files from within your PHP or Perl script. The /tmp folder has been secured to prevent any attempts at loading IRC bots or shell scripts that may get executed by a hacker.

YMN-10: Also sites promoting or publishing information for illegal acts such as hacking (attempts at shell execution), terrorism and vandalizing or offering for sale any products that infringe copyright of the original material are not allowed, and if found on your web space it will be suspended without notice.


YMN-11: You must not purchase a web hosting service for a domain name that you are not the legal owner for. If we find that you have purchased web hosting for a domain name that you do not legally own, we may cancel your account and refund your money.


YMN-12: Use our network in any way to send unsolicited commercial email or 'spam' - if you send mail that's unsolicited and commercial then NameHOG has the right to unilaterally remove your account. Furthermore we reserve the right to charge for the use of our resources and staff in dealing with the consequences of mass mailings conducted through our network in any way. If you have any doubts about whether a particular email is 'spam' and therefore in breach of our acceptable use policy please send an email to info@namehog.net and we will advise you. Further, no file shall be loaded to any site which is capable of being downloaded knowingly or unknowingly by any user, which contains a virus of any description. Any site found to contain a file that contains a virus which is downloadable may be suspended without notice if in the optinon of NameHOG. it is likely to cause corruption of files or damage to any computer connect to the server by whatever means.


YMN-13: If you have a reseller account with NameHOG or resell any NameHOG services without have an direct end user support contract in place to give support to your customers, you must not get them to contact us directly for assistance or any form of support. If you resell any service, you must support them yourself if you do not want to pay for end user support.


What You Must Do:
Respect the privacy, feelings and resources of your fellow Internet users. NameHOG retains the absolute right to disconnect any user from its service where NameHOG considers the user to be contravening its acceptable use policy or any other aspect of its full terms and conditions listed below. NameHOG also reserves the right to alter its Acceptable Use Policy without prior notification.


YMU-2: Users are responsible for ensuring that they maintain a full backup of any web site that they are responsible for (including special scripts - cgi-scripts etc or shopping cart systems, email and all web data). You can backup data from your web site via the control panel using the Backup facility provided, or alternatively you can keep a copy of the site as loaded up via FTP to the server on your local PC or MAC. NameHOG accept no responsibility what so ever, for loss of data from a site hosted by us in the event of a irretrievable failure of the server that your site is hosted on. This includes email, mailing lists, address books and any other data that may be contained within a web site. NameHOG cannot be held responsible for any disruption in service however caused, loss of or corruption of any information in transit, loss of business due to loss of service, or loss of or corruption of information when downloaded onto computer systems, or your account being terminated by breaching the terms and conditions. We shall also not, in any event, be held liable for interruptions of Service or down-time of the Servers or loss of your data, you, the account holder are solely responsible for your own backups of your account and ALL data contained within it.


YMU-3: In the event that a refund is due where we have overcharged you, or invoiced you incorrectly, you must notify us within 60 days of the original payment so that we can process the refund, an admin fee of £10 will be charged if you have paid an invoice that you do not wish to renew. If you fail to request the refund 60 and 180 days of the original payment you will be only entitled to 20% back. Any refunds processed later than 180 days or before 365 days will only be entitled to 10% back and an admin fee of £10 will be charged. We do not issue refunds on transactions older than 365 days. Please ensure that the invoice you are paying is for an active service that you have with NameHOG and one that you would like to retain for the period stated on the invoice.


YMU-4: In the event of buying a hosting package with a domain name purchased with a 3rd party company, you must either transfer the domain name to our Nominet tag NAMEHOG in the event of all .uk domains, and in the case of all other US domains, you must supply us with the transfer key. Option 2 is for you to change the DNS on your domain name, you must do this with the company that the name is registered with. We do NOT accept A record pointers to our servers, you MUST change the DNS on the domain name. We will not accept any other method. If you attempt to host a website with us and connect your domain to the space in a different mannor such as fail over DNS systems, we cannot accept any responsibility for your sites connectivity.


YMU-5: You must ensure that your user name and password and all login details are kept secure and only the site administrator has access to them. If you allow your login details to be viewed by others this could lead to hacking and compromisation of the server that your site is hosted on. We trust that site administrators have sufficient protection on their PC to stop key loggers and viruses that may gather login information, if you fail to protect your PC and have your login details breached leading to the server being compromised or hacked in any way, we will take your website down with NO notice to you. We have to protect the interest of the other clients on the server. Your site will only be put back up once the offending scripts have been removed and we are satisfied that you have protected and cleaned your PC that was hacked.


YMU-6: You must ensure that when you submit an order for any domain name, the order must have the correct details in for the registration as once it is registered there will be a fee of £25 in the case of a US domain and a £10 fee in the case of a UK domain name, the UK fee must be paid direct to Nominet, only they can change it.


YMU-7: It is the responsibility of the account holder (YOU) to ensure that you are paying for the service that we are providing you with. NameHOG do periodically check peoples accounts to ensure that they are paying for the services that they receive, and on discovery of an account not paid for, we will issue a 24 hour notice of intended suspension. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are being billed. If we fail to invoice you, please do not over look this and think we are being nice. If you have services from us, we will expect you to pay the correct amount. If we are unable to make successful contact with you, we may release your name back to the registry if you have one as we will deem you to be a "gone away" customer who has given up with the website or domain name.


YMU-8: You are responsible for informing the email address of bandwidth@namehog.net when your web sites exceeds the allocated bandwidth, failure to do so will result in your site remaining off line until we are informed to increase your limit. This is a 24/7 monitored account.


YMU-9: You are responsible for maintaining an accurate upto date list of ALL usernames and passwords used within your webspace, for admin, email and database connectivity purposes. This includes CPanel control panel access details, and also MySQL login information, and also any usernames and password set within the CPanel control panel.


Termination Process:
TER-1: If we find that you have broken YMN-7 above, we will terminate your account with immediate effect with NO notice to yourself. Your website will be taken down and you will be kindly asked if you can move your site to another company.


TER-2: In the event that you have to move your site to another company, it is not NameHOG's responsibility to provide you with a copy of your website, this is part of the AUP section YMU-2 above that you have a full copy of the site. If the site is database driven, it is your responsibility to ensure that the database is backed up to your local computer from with the MySQL manager or via a full backup.


TER-3: If you have chosen not to renew your contract with us, we will cancel your account on the actual expiry date of the account or within 30 days after the date, unless you specify a date prior to expiry that you would like the account removed on.


TER-4: If you have ordered a hosting account for a domain name that you do not legally own, we may terminate your account with immediate effect and refund the money that you have paid.


Any questions concerning this Acceptable Use Policy may be directed by e-mail to admin@namehog.net.

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