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Control your server remotely with APC

Your server can have an APC power management system


With every dedicated server and the higher end colocation services, we offer APC power management for an extra charge. A lot of providers do not offer APC access to the servers, or if they do it will be at big cost.

How does APC power management work?


The apc power supply is a bit like a fancy 4 way plug bar that you find around the home. The only real difference is that is has a network port and a web interface. Your server is plugged into the power bar and assigned to a port. Each port is then assigned a login and then issued to the correct person.


What can I do with the APC interface?
The APC power management interface is very handy when you need to cold boot a server when its not responding. Sometimes a server will hang for no reason and even when you have looked at it via the KVM interface you cannot make it do anything, the only option then is to physically pull the plug on it and reboot it.


The options you have once you have logged in are:


Power the device on immediately

Power the device on but delayed
Power the device off immediately
Power the device off but delayed
Power the device off then on (reboot) immediately
Power the device off then on (reboot) but delayed
Cancel pending delayed actions


Other than just being able to control the power outlets, you can see how much power in Amps each socket is using. If you have multiple servers, we can connect these to the same APC device so that you only have one login to make things easier!


Online APC Switched PDU Demo
If you would like to see how they work, you can try the demo out by going to this address: http://testdrive.apc.com/scripts/msclient.tcl, the username and password is apc in lower case. Please me patient with this demo as its on the main APC website and has a lot of users.


If you would like to discuss the APC switched PDU units with us, please Contact Us.


Why choose NameHOG?
We provide an outstanding service and are an award winning dedicated server & colocation provider in the UK. We have a proven track record on servers and have a vast knowledge and understanding in the management and control of them. All of our dedicated server clients are very happy with the service, and renew or upgrade each year. All the equipment that we use is of the best quality, equipment we would only use ourselves.



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