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If you have got a dedicated server or a colocation service with us, you have the option to have your own dedicated firewall that you can control and manage yourself. As we all know the threat of hacking and computer crime is always there and we are forever trying to protect ourselves. If you have your own server you need to ensure you do everything you can to keep it safe and and protect your self from the sophisticated techniques the hackers use these days. You need to consider data recovery as well as having a firewall should you get hacked.

Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall


How does a firewall work
If you purchase one of our firewalls, we will only supply you with Cisco equipment which we see to be the best. It is not particularly cheap equipment but its well worth the money. The firewall monitors every single packet of data in and out of the network or your server for malicious traffic or unauthorised access attempts. With the Cisco firewall's that we provide you get a very comprehensive control panel where you can do literally everything security wise.


Your current setup with NameHOG
At present if you have a dedicated server or colocation service with NameHOG, we do actually route your equipment through our main firewalls. This is fine for most people, but sometimes you need to have full control of the firewall which is why you would use your own instead of ours. This will be the case unless you have a dedicated firewall as part of your contract noted in Schedule 5.


Firewall Costs & Setup
To have a firewall added to your current equipement is quite straight forward, we can usally set it up the same day, or next day depending on stock levels. It would be advisable to not use NAT on a firewall in an existing setup due to the DNS problems it would potentially create.


If you go ahead with a dedicated firewall, we shall issue you with a ne Schedule 5 detailing this with all the login details, along with a revised Schedule 2 that we will ask you to sign. The cost of adding a firewall can be from as little as £14 per month. We have various models available, please contact us for a price and advice about which one would be best suited to your needs.


Key Benefits
Other than the greatly reduced risk of hacking the benefits of having a firewall are as follows. A firewall is a must for any business who wants to keep their data safe!


100% Fully Customisable Rule Tables
The user friendly control panel allows you to give an unlimited number of rules to different applications, ports, access rights and much more.


Full Network Address Translation if Required
If you would like your server to be on local internal IP addresses, or even have a range of services that you would like to access which are internal, you can do this by translating one address into many and vise versa. This method allows better use of external IP addresses and higher levels of security.

Built In Protection for Key Applications & Services
As standard the firewall comes with a rule set that stops certain known traffic. This should be left in place for best performance. Out base line firewall can handle around 130,000 concurrent sessions, so even in the even of a massive flood of packets, the firewall will have no trouble in stopping it. These automated rules will not affect any services that you run, they are extremely clever and know whats not wanted!


Why choose NameHOG?
We provide an outstanding service and are an award winning dedicated server & colocation provider in the UK. We have a proven track record on servers and have a vast knowledge and understanding in the management and control of them. All of our dedicated server clients are very happy with the service, and renew or upgrade each year. All the equipment that we use is of the best quality, equipment we would only use ourselves.



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