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Having your very own dedicated server is really the next step up from having a reseller account, or in some cases your website needs to be on its own dedicated server due to the size or amount of traffic it gets. Having your own dedicated server gives you more power and space than our standard or reseller hosting packages, yet we do offer very good shared hosting solutions, the full resources of your server are used for your website(s) rather than sharing CPU/Memory with other customers on the server like in shared hosting.


Why choose a NameHOG Managed Dedicated Server?
We provide an outstanding service and are an award winning dedicated server & colocation provider in the UK. We have a proven track record on servers and have a vast knowledge and understanding in the management and control of them. All of our dedicated server clients are very happy with the service, and renew or upgrade each year. All the equipment that we use is of the best quality. We also operate a 24 hour fully staffed network operations centre within the UK.



64 Bit Intel Quad Core Xeon

64 Bit Intel Xeon Ivybridge
64 Bit Intel Xeon Sandybridge
Processor Core Type   Quad Core   Quad Core   Dual Quad Core
Processor Model   Xeon 3060   Xeon E3-1230 v2   Dual Xeon E5-2609
RAM (Memory)   4Gb DDR3 1066Mhz   8Gb DDR3 1066Mhz   12 Gb DDR3 1066Mhz
Hard Drives ?HelpHard DrivesEach dedicated server that we build comes with a single hard drive which is a 500GB SATA II drive.

We then give you the option of changing this from the vast list available to you on this page.
  1 x 500Gb - SATAII  

1 x 500Gb - SATAII

  1 x 500Gb - SATAII
Server Brand ?HelpServer BrandAll of the servers we lease out, are built on Supermicro chasis.

Chasis: Supermicro
Hard Drives: Western Digital
Memory: Kingston
  Supermicro   Supermicro   Supermicro
Network Port Speed ?HelpNetwork Port SpeedYour NameHOG dedicated server will be connected to our network on a 100Mbps port. Should you want to be connected to a gigabit 1000Mpbs port, this can be easily be changed, but will cost you extra per month.   100Mbps   100Mbps   100Mbps
Monthly Data Transfer ?HelpMonthly Data TransferYou will notice that our transfer limits are extremely generous. The minimum we give is 10TB which is a huge amount, all the way upto an unmetered 100Mbps link which gives you the equivalent of 32TB of bandwidth.

99% of our clients do not use anywhere near their limit, infact, most people use less than 5TB of bandwidth in a month.
  10,000 GB (10TB)   15,000 GB (15TB)   Unmetered 100Mpbs Link

UK Based Linux&Windows Dedicated Serve

Power Supply Type ?HelpPower Supply TypeHaving only one PSU (Power Supply Unit) means that if in the ulikely event that it fails, your server will go down.

By having two PSU's in your server, it means if one fails the other will be there ready and you will never even know it has switched! Servers with dual hotswapable PSU's are always connected to two different power sources, just incase one phase fails.

By having dual hotswapable PSU's, it means if one fails, we can change it without having to take your server offline.
  Single PSU   Single PSU   Dual Hotswap PSU
Maximum Hard Drives ?HelpMaximum Hard DrivesIt would be nice to have a huge bank of hard drives sitting their powering your dedicated server, but on the ones we offer, these are the limits.

You may want to consider future expansion and what if you want to change to have more than 4 drives on the basic spec server. By planning ahead, it means you can add more drives without taking the server offline, or even worse, rebuilding it.
  Upto 4 Hotswap Drives   Upto 4 Hotswap Drives   Upto 8 Hotswap Drives
Service Type   Managed   Managed   Managed
99.9% Uptime   Guaranteed with SLA   Guaranteed with SLA   Guaranteed with SLA
Free Reboots   24 x 7 x 365   24 x 7 x 365   24 x 7 x 365
Operating System ?HelpOperating SystemWhen you buy a server from NameHOG, you specify when you order which operating system you would like to have deployed onto it. We can build any server with any operatiing system, but we do have the standard ones listed in the table below for you to see.

Should you want your own ISO image installing on the server, we can do this for free for you. We are very flexible in how we build servers.
  Windows or Linux   Windows or Linux   Windows or Linux
Root / Admin Access ?HelpRoot / Admin AccessEach and every server we lease, the owner or controller of it, is provided with fully unrestricted root (Linux Servers) or Administrator (Windows Servers) access.

We do not throttle or limit your access, the server is yours to do as you please with it.
  Full Control   Full Control   Full Control
Free Technical Support   24 x 7 x 365   24 x 7 x 365   24 x 7 x 365
Server Location ?HelpPhysical Server LocationAll of our servers apart from a select few, are located within our own cages in the Pulsant Datacentre in Maidenhead, UK. We do not place any hardware outside of the UK as this decreases network performance.   UK   UK   UK
Internet Connection ?HelpInternet ConnectionWe have multiple tier 1 connection to the Internet with different backbone providers. This means that if one fails, the others will automatically take the load. This means that you are very unlikely to lose connectivity, but also means that your server can take several different routes out to the Internet. Because we have optimised out network, this allows your server to take the fastest route out to its destination.   Multiple Tier 1 Carriers   Multiple Tier 1 Carriers   Multiple Tier 1 Carriers
Minimum Contract ?HelpMinimum ContractAll of our servers have a minimum contract length of 1 month. We also do 6, 12 and 24 month contracts.

If you sign up for a longer period, we can reduce the monthly cost slightly to make it a little more affordable.
  1 Month   1 Month   1 Month
Setup Cost ?HelpSetup CostWe unlike most companies, DO NOT charge you to set the server up. We cannot even say we lose it in the cost of your server as we don't, and we are sure you will agree!   FREE   FREE   FREE

£59 /month

  £95 /month   £195 /month
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Dedicated Server Customisation


Please note: Any dedicated server hardware upgrades after time of ordering are subject to a £30 + VAT upgrade charge.


Operating Systems & Software
We are able to offer you a range of operating systems for your dedicated server including many Unix/BSD variants as well as Windows Server. We can also take care of your licensing and any server control panel requirements such as CPanel, Plesk and Ensim. We would highly recommend CPanel as your control panel for hosting. We are a CPanel channel partner so we can offer you the very best prices on licences at £120 per year per server which you will probably find is the cheapest place in the UK.


Dedicated Server Customisation
If you cannot make a dedicated server that you are happy with out of all the options above and you would like something even more powerful, please get in touch and we can discuss you unique dedicated server requirements. We will be sure to give you a good price!


Dedicated Server Information
Our dedicated servers utilise Supermicro chassis and motherboards and are all custom built in house using the highest quality components including 3Ware RAID controllers, Seagate hard drives and Kingston FB ECC memory. Every dedicated server package comes with their own IP allocation routed on our redundant Juniper M7i routers with upstream connectivity from Tiscali, Telia and NTT/Verio.


When you compare the specification of our dedicated servers to that of other companies that offer dedicated servers, you will notice ours are of far greater specification which is why they are a little more expensive. You tend to get when you pay for with servers from £50 - £90 per month. We pride ourselves in only offering good quality servers that dont give people trouble

With Every Dedicated Server You Get:
1x Free Top Level Domain Name
Shared use of a Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall that is regularly updated to prevent hacking
Multiple Tier 1 UK Internet Connections for redundancy currently 4x 1 Gbit connections
State of the art datacentre within the UK
FREE 24 Hour UK based Technical support for Hardware/Network issues via web, email and telephone
Access to very experienced Unix system administrators
Extra off site storage or network storage (NAS) facilities available on request
Choice of Windows, Centos, Fedora, Redhat or Ubuntu operating systems
Choice of CPanel, Ensim, Plesk, Helm or Webmin control panel solutions for linux servers
Full SSH & root access to your server
Optional server management packages available


* Dedicated Server Referral Scheme Conditions: Why not let us know if you have a friend who needs a server, if they sign up, once they have signed the contract and paid the first month, we will give you £50, yes really, £50 just for telling us who they are. To qualify for this amazing offer, ther person doing the referring must have a NameHOG account that they have held for at least 60 Days. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and provide the persons full name and address, email address and telephone number and we will do the rest. The person or company you refer MUST be new to NameHOG, located within the UK, and not have any services with us at present in their name or at their address. If they sign up for a server, once we have had the signed contracts back from them and they have paid their first months installment, we will then either send you a cheque or do a BACS transfer. If you have any questions about the scheme or would like to know if you qualify, please get in touch. Offer started on: 28th September 2011.


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