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Access your server with a KVM from Dell


Having full KVM access to your server or equipment is vital if you have a problem where you cannot connect to it via the normal method as you can see whats happening when it boots or if the system has gone into a suspended state and inaccessable.


We use Dell KVM switches as they are fast and reliable, they are easy to use and give you a permenant connection to your desktop enabling your screen, keyboard and mouse to effectly become plugged directly into the server.


With every Dedicated server, you have the option to have a permenan KVM for just £10 + VAT per month. With a KVM it gives you greater control as you don't have to get in touch with us to see whats going on with the server if you cannot access it. All you need to do is login to the web interface that we supply you with, select your server and then within a few seconds you can see whats going on.


Full streamed video output to your browser

Direct Keyboard and mouse control
No software to install
Full BIOS configuration ability
Full boot sequence streamed to your browser
Mount ISO CD Images remotely
Install your own software
Fast and secure access for any Java or ActiveX compatible browser


You can control every aspect of your server from the KVM, its so fast its like the server is sitting in front of you. We have been using these for years and would only recommend using them if they were good which they are! Occasionally we have to issue a server with a different type of KVM but its still pretty much identical and works in the same way.


If you need help using the KVm facility that we supply you with, you can call us or email us at any time and we will always be there for you should you need that bit of support. With our colocation servers we dont give KVM access on the base level of 2U, but we can do this for approx £10 per month on top of the cabinet space.


If you would like to add a KVM to your 2U colocation service please Contact Us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why choose NameHOG?
We provide an outstanding service and are an award winning dedicated server & colocation provider in the UK. We have a proven track record on servers and have a vast knowledge and understanding in the management and control of them. All of our dedicated server clients are very happy with the service, and renew or upgrade each year. All the equipment that we use is of the best quality, equipment we would only use ourselves.



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