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Is the domain name you want not available to register right now?

Frustrating, we know, but you can still track it and snag it the instant it becomes available with Domain Backorder.

Thousands of domain registrations expire each day when their owners don't renew, so if a domain is taken now you can still get your hands on it using our Domain Backorder service.

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Just search for your domain name as normal & click 'Backorder' on the search results page:

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How do Domain Backorders work?

Domain name ownership operates on a leasehold basis, so it's up to the owner to decide whether they want to continue with the lease by renewing the domain when it nears its expiry period. If the owner doesn't renew the 'lease', that domain name will eventually be released back onto the open market for registration by someone else. To have the best chance of securing a domain that you want that's currently registered to someone else, place a backorder with us. Our systems will poll the domain several times a second after it expires, anticipating its release. The instant it becomes available, we'll snap it up for you.

Why does a domain not become available the day it expires?

The owner or 'leaseholder' of the domain still has the right to renew it for a while after it has expired. The length of this grace period varies depending on the TLD, but if the domain has still not been renewed once it's over then we are notified of a drop date and this is the date that the domain will again become available for public registration. Placing a backorder with Daily enables you to concentrate on other things while we secure you the domain name you want as soon as our systems tell us it's available to register.

How will I know if and when I own the domain?

When it gets close to the domain's expiry date, we'll really ramp up the frequency of our monitoring to give you the best possible chance of bagging that all important domain name just as soon as it's available.

When it's released (this can be a little while after the expiry date because registries have redemption periods during which current owners can still retain the domain), we'll do our very best to snag it for you and will let you know whether we've been successful.

What does it cost?

When you request your backorder you will be charged a non-refundable administration fee of £7.99. You then have nothing more to pay until 45 days before the date the domain is expected to become available. At this point we will charge you £19.99 registration fee plus the standard registration cost for the domain ordered. If you place your backorder less than 45 days before the expected date of availability all fees will be payable at that time.

You'll be able to keep track of the expected date of availability of your backordered domains in your Client Zone.

If we are not successful in registering your domain we will refund your registration fee and domain charge.