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If you have a domain name that has fallen into dispute or are looking to dispute a domain name held by another party the links on this page will most likely help you resolve it. As a registrar we can get involved, but only to a limited degree, the majority of all disputes are handled by the registry or ICANN.


For a domain name to be looked into, the name must be registered with NameHOG, if its not, we have no power or control over it.


For all top level domain names, such as .com, .net, .org etc you need to contact Melbourne IT or look at their dispute resolution service, this link will take you directly to their policy: Melbourne IT Dispute Resolution Policy.


If you are wanting to dispute a UK based domain such as .co.uk, you need to contact Nominet UK, you can call them on 01865 332211 or go directly to their dispute resolution section here: Nominet Dispute Resolution Service.


All other or top level domain name disputes are usually handled by WIPO, you do have to pay to use the WIPO service, it it not free, and its not cheap. You can go to their website here: WIPO Dispute Resolution Service.


Unfortunately we cannot interfere with domain names, and their is very little we can do if you have a domain dispute.


Any questions concerning this page may be directed by e-mail to admin@namehog.net

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