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Domain Name Registration F.A.Q's and Common Issues


At NameHOG we get asked lots of questions that we have to answer many times over, because all of these questions generally relate to domain registration, domain names and pricing, we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions with the answers!


Do you display any banners or pop-up ads on my domain?
Absolutely not!, 1200 banner free area. We do not agree with pop-ups!!!


Can I change the DNS or release my domain?
Yes you have full control of the DNS of your domain name, there is no charge for DNS management. You can login to the client zone and make all the changes you need, you can control everything about the domain name without even contacting us.


Is it possible to change the registered owner of a domain?
Yes we can change the registered owner of any domain name that is registered with us apart from .uk domain names as the rules are different. All domain names other than .uk, simply login to your Client Zone and make the change online. There is a £10 + VAT charge for all domain name registered owner changes, if its just an address change, it is free. In the case or .uk domain names, i.e .co.uk, you will need to contact Nominet UK on 01865 332211, or if you have the registration certificate for your domain name, fill that in and send it back with the appropriate money. Unfortunately we and no other domain registration company has the power to alter .uk domain owners.


Do I have to agree to Nominet's Terms & Conditions When Registering .UK Domains?
Yes you do, when you register any .uk based domain name with NameHOG you have to agree to the Nominet Terms & Conditions of registration. Without your acknowledgement of this we will not process the domain name registration for you. You can find their terms on the link above.


Can I move a domain between NameHOG accounts?
If you have purchased a domain name via a NameHOG reseller or a third party who who set it up for you as a favour and its in their name, please just ask the person to send a support ticket bia their billing account asking us to move the domain and / or hosting to your own account. We will need your full name and postal address, along with your email address and phone number to set an account up, they will need to provide this on the request. This service is free of charge.


Why have Nominet sent me an invoice for £94, for my domain name?
In the event that you receive an invoice from Nominet UK, who are the UK domain name registry, it means one of two things. Either you have not renewed your domain name with us, i.e you were sent an invoice and for whatever reason it was not paid. Or, you have paid your invoice later after the renewal date of the domain name. Please DO NOT pay Nominet's invoice. You can pay us just £5.56 + VAT for the same thing, please contact us should you have any queries about this.


When I look at the whois record, who are Melbourne IT?
Quite frequently people take a look at the whois record of their newly registered US domain name and see the name Melboure IT, Internet Names Worldwide on it and think they own it. Melbourne IT are the registry in Australia that we use. The registrant and legal owner of the domain name is whoever you specify when you order.


Can I trust NameHOG because they are cheap?
NameHOG pay £5 + VAT to Nominet for all .uk domains that we register with them as a member. Therefore we price our domains to reflect this instead of the non-member price of £80 + VAT, because of this we are able to keep our prices low and allow you to benefit from this as well! Our aim is to keep prices down and to provide you with a cost effective service!


NameHOG Ltd. is now in its 10th year of business and has a very stable customer base and is ever increasing in client size. NameHOG have got a reputation for being an honest and affordable web host. We try never to mislead any customer with what we tell them. Quite a lot or our business comes from word of mouth recomendation. We started off by advertising in one magazine 5 years or so ago with a little advert and now we have grown to be able to put quarter and half page adverts in around 10 magazines and various other targeted campaigns on London transport every month.


What happens after registration?
Once the NameHOG team have recieved payment for your domain name, you will be sent a registration confirmation from Nominet confirming that you are the legal registrant, this can take upto 3 months and this only applies to .uk domain names. You must check the details contained inthe confirmation carefully to ensure that they are correct, and return the reply form that is attached to the certificate indicating any changes you may have to the information given. Your complete details will then be recorded on the register database which will make it easier for you to make any further changes to your registration.


If I cancel, do I get a refund?
Once a domain name has been registered for you, we will be happy to delete it for you with the appropriate Registry, but there can be no refunds made. Therefore please make sure that you want and can afford the domain name(s) before you place the order, as you will be charged an extra £12.50 + VAT on top of the cost of the domain name if there are insufficient funds in your account.

Proof of ownership of a domain name
If you register a domain name(s) it is registered to you, not us, we DO NOT lease it to you, you are the registered owner of it. This means that your name or company name that is listed as the owner in the Nominet UK database is the one that is given on the registration confirmation. When you apply for a domain name through NameHOG, we register that as soon as we get the request, it generally takes less than 4 minutes to get confirmation back that it has been registered for you (it may take longer depending on the speed of Nominet). When we have received the confirmation, we will then send you our own confirmation via e-mail to the contact e-mail address that you supplied to us. If you don't have an e-mail address we will phone you.


Do I have to pay a renewal fee & who will remind me?
Our renewal system will remind you via email to renew, if you dont want to renew, just reply to the renewal notice saying you wish to cancel. You must keep a valid email address on the Client Billing System else we will not be able to contact you. If you would like to have an item removed from your renewal invoice, please respond to the email stating the changes.The new system is fully automated so if you do want to renew and you do not pay the invoice by the specified date, it will automatically suspend your site then delete it! Our system does not fail so please pay ontime if you want to avoid disruption in your service. You can easily check when your renewal is due and when the invoice will be issued by logging into the client zone.

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