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Domain Name Advice

Domain Name Registration Advice

Do you need advice on registering a domain name?

Are you looking for domain registration advice?


Your domain name is the key to your online identity
Your domain name can tell people who you are, what you do and where you're from. Importantly, it's the address for your website and your email which is unique on a global scale.


Choose a Memorable Domain Name if not using your company name
It is very important to use memorable words in your domain name, dont use words that are difficult to spell or hard to remember, a hard to remember word means a hard to remember website and a difficult to spell word means a website not found page! We advise that you target your audience with the right sort of words in your domain name, so for example if you sell paper, use something like www.cheap-paper-supplies.com and not whitepress.com maybe.


Keep Your Domain Name Short
It is a good idea to keep your domain names short and simple and to make them memorable. So it could be your company name, so therfore it would have meaning, but if its not going to be a company name and just a generic term, keep it short. It can be a good idea to insert a hiphen in the domain name inbetween words to break it up a bit For example, part-searching-made-easy.com look a lot better than partsearchingmadeeay.com, which is also a lot more difficult to read, recognise, and remember. Its a good idea to have a short domain name, but to avoid using acronyms, they as most acronyms are sometimes hard to remember, for example psmer.com, for Part Searching Made Easy.


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Regional Domain Names
When buying a domain name is it good to be aiming at the correct regional audience as well as a global one (all domains are visible globally anyway), the advice we give is is to try to register your domain name(s) with different extensions (e.g. .com and .co.uk). This would mean that if you are a UK based company or UK based individual, your domain name will give your UK based audience the confidence that they are dealing with a company close to home which to them is good and also you are ensuring International audiences buy using a .com, but might be aware of the fact that you are UK based.


A common question asked is that if Idecide to have a .co.uk domain, does that mean that only people within the UK can view my web site? The answer is, it is not relevant what type of domain name you have, anybody anywhere in the world can see any website regardless as to which domain name extension they use on their website address.


Visual Domain Names
When you see a domain name that looks like a load of jumbled letters, you think thats a bit silly and a waste of time. It is very important that your domain name looks right. The other thing is to use words in your domain name that people can relate to, for example, we have namehog.net, we are know because of the word hog, people relate that to a pig / hog.


co.uk - This is perfect for UK based businesses or individuals

org.uk - "org" is short for organisation; often used by charities

me.uk -This is ideal for individuals who want a personal touch

ltd.uk -This is for UK limited companies only, domain name must exactly match registered company name word for word

com -This is the most common name, used across the world, often seen to be American, but this is the best for being global, the big Dot Com!

net - This is used as an alternative to .com, usually for computer related services.

org - This is ideal for bigger international organisations

info - This is used by information providers and as an alternative to .com

biz - A domain extension, intended for use by businesses

eu - A domain extention intended for people within the EU.


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