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The All New, Shorter, Sharper Domain for the UK has arrived

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By introducing .UK as a stand-alone domain, Nominet are providing another great option for people and businesses to build their online success story. As a result of strong consumer demand, the new .UK domain will bring the UK into line with other European countries and provide another way to reinforce your website, email address and brand quality.

What will .UK say about you?

  • A UK business or person
  • Acceptable delivery costs
  • Someone local you can trust
  • UK based support
  • Prices in £ Sterling
  • You operate under UK law

Plus, you'll get great visibility to UK search engines with more free traffic!

Why is the .UK domain important?

From 10 June 2014, the simpler .UK domain name became available for the very first time alongside .co.uk. org.uk and .me.uk. This represents the biggest change to the .UK namespace since it's inception.

I already have an existing .co.uk, what are my rights?
If you registered your.co.uk before 28 October 2013, you are automatically entitled to register the .UK domain. You will have five years to exercise this right, after which time if you haven't done so, then the .UK version of your domain name will be available in the open market.
I registered my .co.uk domain after 28 October 2013, what will happen?
The right to the .UK still rests with the holder of the .co.uk, providing no other extension has been registered.
I have a .co.uk registered with another provider, do I have to register the .UK version with them?
No. You can register the .UK version with NameHOG providing you are entitled to and use exactly the same details to register the .UK version.

As a Nominet Registrar you can rely on NameHOG.net to provide the same great services, support and prices for every .UK domain name that you register with us.

Need more information?

Nominet have created a website dedicated to the launch of .UK which contains a very helpful FAQ section.

Get your .UK domain now from only £3.99
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