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This tutorial shows you how to set up your Apple iPhone to work with your e-mail account with NameHOG. The same rules apply to the iPad as well. If you need help let us know, we are in the process of making a dedicated iPad guide. This tutorial focuses on setting up the standard mail client that comes pre-installed. To Set Up Your E-mail Account follow the steps below.


For the purposes of this example, where it mentions yourdomainname.com, or any data in field names which are mentioned below, use your own information. The youdomainname.com should be replaced literally with the domain name you have setup with us, eg mywebsite.co.uk or abctoys123.com etc.



1. From the Home menu on your iPhone tap on the Settings icon.


2. Slide down your settings page to the bottom and tap on the "Mail, Contact, Calendar" section.


3. This screen shows the accounts page.

Tap on "Add Account..." to start the account creation process.


4. From this screen, you need tap the "Other" option.


5. From the Other menu, you need to select "Add Mail Account".


6. On the New Account information page you need to specify a few things. To enter the data, tap your finger on the relevant field.


Name: Your full name as you would like it displayed.

Address: This is your email address as you setup within CPanel.

Password: This is the password that relates to the email address you created within CPanel.

Description: This should be filled already in with your email address. But its probably best if you change it to your name as in the Name field above.


Once you have filled these parts in, tap the Save button at the top.


7. You should now see a screen where you can select if you would like to set the account up as IMAP or POP.


If you select IMAP it will store the emails on the server and sync with it so that you can still read and download them elsewhere but once downloaded to a PC via POP for example, it will not be visible on your iPhone.


Selecting POP will make it so that the emails download to the phone and nowhere else. This could be the best option for you unless you want to just see emails when you are out away from your main PC.


You need to them fill out all the fields on that screen as per steps 8 and 9.


8. Example settings to setup your new email account on your iPhone.


9. Continuation of example settings to setup your new account.


Once you have filled in all the settings ensuring they are correct, tap on Save at the top of the screen.


10. You will most probably see this screen once you have tapped on Save. You need to select "Yes" to continue without SSL.


11. Your iPhone will now try to verify the account settings, this will be successful if you have specified the correct information.


12. If you see this screen, you will have made a mistake of some description with the settings which you will need to adjust as per steps 7 through to 9.


13. Once you have completed the setup, you will now see this screen with your account listed. We now need you to tap on your account to enter the settings again.


14. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and tap SMTP to enter the settings.


15. You will now see a screen very similar to this, you need to tap on the primary server line titled mail.yourdomainname.com to enter the settings for SMTP.


16. At the bottom of this screen you will see the Server Port set to 587, you need to change this so that it says 26. So tap where it says 587 and a numer pad will appear as per step 15.


17.The number pad has now appeared and you should have replaced where it says 587 with the number 26. Once you have done this, tap the back arrow SMTP button at the top to return.


You will need to tap the same back button at the top of the next screen too. This will take you to the screen in step 16.


18.When you can see this, tap the back arrow at the top that contains your email address, you will then be taken to the screen in step 16 below.


19. Now tap the back button at the top for mail which will return you to the mail account settings.


20. if you now press your home button on the front of the iPhone you will be taken back to the home screen as per the final step.

21. Your email account is fully setup and working, should you need any help, please Contact Us



If you have followed this guide exactly as above and NOT checked any other extra tick boxes etc, and also set an account up within your CPanel, we guarantee your email will work 100% fine with no trouble.


Still unable to collect or configure your email?

If you're having problems collecting or configuring your email client, or you need more assistance please Contact Us but please ensure you have tried all of the above first.


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