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This tutorial shows you how to set up Mail for the Mac to work with your e-mail account with NameHOG. This tutorial focuses on setting up Mac Mail 4.3 running on Mac OS 10.6.4, but these settings are similar in other versions of Mac Mail. To Set Up Your E-mail Account follow the steps below.


For the purposes of this example, where it mentions yourdomainname.com, or any data in field names which are mentioned below, use your own information. The youdomainname.com should be replaced literally with the domain name you have setup with us, eg mywebsite.co.uk or abctoys123.com etc.


1. In Mail, select the Mail menu then Preference...


2. You will now be faced with your accounts screen. At the bottom left you will see a + sign, you need to click on this to Add a new account. The screen will then change.



3. On the Add Account screen, fill in Full Name with your full name as you would like it displayed, your email address as setup within CPanel and your password for that email account, then click Continue.



4. You will now see the Incoming Mail Server screen. You need to select the account Type of POP, and then enter a description of the account for your reference in the Description box. Staying on the same screen, in the Incoming Mail Server box, you need to type mail.yourdomainname.com, then your username and password. The username and password are the same as the ones you entered in step 3. Then click Continue.



5. On this screen "Incoming Mail Security" ensure you leave it as per the below example. Make sure Authentication is set to Password. You do not need to tick Use Secure Sockets Layer as it will not work if you do. Then click Continue.



6. On the Outgoing Mail Server screen, you need to enter details of the SMTP server that you wish to use. In the Description box you can enter a reference for your own use. For the Outgoing Mail Server, you need to specify mail.yourdomainname.com then tick Use only this server. You also need to tick the Use Authentication tick box and enter the same username and password again as you did in step 3. Once you have done this and know that its correct, click on Continue.



7. You will now be faced with a summary of the details you have entered. Please tick the Take Account Online check box to enable the account. Once you have dont this click on Create...



8. You will now be back on the Account screen where you will see your accounts listed down the left hand side. Select your new account that you have create as per the example below.



9. Now click on the Advanced tab along the top. It is critical that you change the Port number displayed from whatever it has been set to, to the new port of 26. It will not function properly without doing this. You do not need to change any other setting.



10. You can now click on the red X button to close the window. You will now need to click on Save.



11. Your account is now setup and ready to use. If you have multiple accounts, please repeat steps 1 through to 10 with the other account information.


13. If you have followed this guide exactly as above and NOT checked any other extra tick boxes etc, and also set an account up within your CPanel, we guarantee your email will work 100% fine with no trouble.


Still unable to collect or configure your email?

If you're having problems collecting or configuring your email client, or you need more assistance please Contact Us but please ensure you have tried all of the above first.


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