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This tutorial shows you how to set up Mozilla Thunderbird 3 to work with your e-mail account with NameHOG. To Set Up Your E-mail Account follow the steps below.


For the purposes of this example, where it mentions yourdomainname.com, or any data in field names which are mentioned below, use your own information. The youdomainname.com should be replaced literally with the domain name you have setup with us, eg mywebsite.co.uk or abctoys123.com etc.


1. In Mozilla Thunderbird, from the Tools menu, select Account Settings...



2. You will now be presented with the same screen as below, you need to select "Add Mail Account" from the dropdown menu at the bottom titles Account Actions.



3. A pop up window will have now appeared, you need to type your full name as you would like it displayed followed by your email address and password as setup within CPanel, once filled in click Continue.



4. After you clicked continue in step 3, the screen will have changed to the below, you need to click the STOP button then click on Manual Setup, or if already stopped just click Manual Setup.



5. After you clicked manual setup in the previous step, you will now see the following screen, you need to change a few things to ensure the account setup works correctly, see next step for what to change it to.



6. You need to select POP from the little drop down menu, ensure the port number next to it is 110, and below that is set to 26 for SMTP. You need to set your username to your email address as setup in CPanel for this account. You also need to change the POP3 and SMTP server addresses to show mail.yourdomainname.com. Click on manual setup once completed.



7. You will now see a screen like this one, you have to select "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" from the menu on the left. As you can see you have two SMTP addresses, click on mail.yourdomainname.com as then click on the Set Default, you can then select the other server and click Remove as per the next step.



8. Showing your smtp server as the default, see next step.



9. Outgoing server screen showing only your mail server.



10. Click on the Edit button when your account is selected to displaye the below screen, ensure you fill the boxes in as per this example. Please make sure that you tick the box for "Use name and password" and then enter your email address in the User Name box. Once done, click on OK on the SMTP server popup, then OK gain on the Account Settings screen.



11. You should now see the screen below.



12. Your account is now setup and ready to use. If you have multiple accounts, please repeat steps 1 through to 11 with the other account information.


13. If you have followed this guide exactly as above and NOT checked any other extra tick boxes etc, and also set an account up within your CPanel, we guarantee your email will work 100% fine with no trouble.


Still unable to collect or configure your email?

If you're having problems collecting or configuring your email client, or you need more assistance please Contact Us but please ensure you have tried all of the above first.


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