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We have compiled a set of the most popular FTP clients for Windows and Mac that we can think of because of the amount of people who keep asking for assistance or where they can download it from. We did used to supply the installer files, but due to the new law the Americans are trying to push through, we have had to change all of the links just to point to the website where you can obtain it from.


Windows PC Based FTP Software Downloads
FileZilla v3.3.1For Windows Setup Guide
(Get v3.3.1 )
FTP Commander v8  For Mac / OSX Setup Guide
FTP Commander
(Get v8.0)
FTP Voyager v15.2.0.6 For Windows Setup Guide
FTP Voyager
(Get v15.2.0.6)
WS FTP 95 Le For Windows Setup Guide
WS FTP 95 Le
(Get v95-Le)
Fetch FTP v4.2 For Mac / OSX Setup Guide
CoffeeCup FTP
(Get v4.2)
Core FTP v2.1 For Windows Setup Guide
Core FTP
(Get V2.21)
Fetch FTP  v2.1.87 For Mac / OSX Setup Guide
(Get v2.1.87)
WinSCP FTP v4.2.5 For Windows Setup Guide
(Get v4.2.5)
Cute FTP v8.8.3 For Windows Setup Guide
Cute FTP
(Get v8.8.3)
Smart FTP v4.0.1072.0 For Windows Setup Guide
Smart FTP
(Get v4.0.10)


Apple Mac / OSX Based FTP Software Downloads
Captain FTP v6.2 For Mac / OSX Setup Guide
Captain FTP
(Get v6.2)
Fetch FTP v5.5.3 For Mac / OSX Setup Guide
Fetch FTP
(Get v5.5.3)
FileZilla For Windows Setup Guide
(Get v3.3.1)
Crush FTP v5.05  For Mac / OSX Setup Guide
Crush FTP
(Get v5.05)
FTP Client v4.6 For Mac / OSX Setup Guide
FTP Client
(Get v4.6)
Transmit FTP v3.7 For Mac / OSX Setup Guide
Transmit FTP
(Get v3.7)
Cute FTP v3.06 For Mac / OSX Setup Guide
Cute FTP 3
(Get v3.06)


Struggling to configure your FTP client?

The standard server details for other clients are as follows, all you need to do is replace the yourdomainname.com literally with YOUR domain name. If you get stuck, give us a call and we will help you.


FTP Server Host Name : ftp.yourdomainname.com
Initial Remote Site Folder: /www/
Remote Port Number: 21
Transfer Type: Passive Mode (not active)
Username or User ID: Your CPanel logon username
Password: Your CPanel logon password


Still unable to connect your FTP client?
If you're having problems connecting your FTP client, please Contact Us but please ensure you have tried all of the above first.


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