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Our premium domain names service gives you access to popular, memorable domain names that have been previously registered but which are now being sold on by their current owners. It's the perfect way to get your hands on the perfect domain!

More than 5 MILLION Premium Domains ready to buy!

We have access to a portfolio of over five million domain names that you can buy instantly - and it's easy to get your hands on them! Just complete a normal domain search, and we'll show you any relevant premium domains in the "Premium" section of the domain search results page. Choose your domain from there and check out as normal.

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How come the prices of the domains vary?
Prices are set by sellers and vary according to the popularity of the domain name - so the more popular a domain is, the more you can expect the seller to charge.
Why should I pay more for these domains than it costs to register a brand new domain name?
It's entirely up to you, of course. But premium domains have a lot going for them. They're generally keyword-rich, which is great for helping your site perform well in search engines, and they're also usually very memorable. Isn't it better to have a domain that your potential customers can remember rather than compromising on something more unwieldy and forgettable?
How long will it take before I can manage the domain I buy?
It won't be long at all! It's not as instant as registering a new domain, since premium domains are already owned and need to be transferred to you, but the transfer will be initiated straight away and should take no more than around ten days.
Can you guarantee availability?
If you see a premium domain name available to buy then it's been offered for sale at the price quoted - we've already checked that. But just as with standard domains, we can't guarantee how long it will stick around, so if you don't want someone else to beat you to it - snap it up!
Will a premium domain come higher in the search engines?
When Google is ranking your website the age of the domain often has a positive factor in their ranking process. So if you want to have an impact on the search rankings as soon as possible a premium domain can give you these benefits.