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This page is to help new and existing clients setup their email and main access controls to their webspace with ease. All of the information below is accurate, correct and applicable to all hosting plans.


For the purpose of this support page the domain name that we are using as an example that you would replace with your one is: www.your-website-address.co.uk, and the login details of username and password. The IP address listed below will be different for your setup.

In the control panel you can configure, your email aliases and forwarding and accounts, and backups of your data, view web stats and lots more.

- Your control panel is at: http://cpanel.your-website-address.co.uk
- Your WebMail Access is at: http://webmail.your-website-address.co.uk
- Web Site Support & Resource Centre: http://www.namehog.net/support/

Your FTP Settings:
- Your FTP Host address is: ftp.your-website-address.co.uk
- Your WWW address is: http://www.your-website-address.co.uk

When uploading to your new web space you need to upload it to the /www/ directory (this is dynamically linked to the public_html directory), this is the root for the site.


Your FTP and Control Panel access details are:
USERNAME: username
PASSWORD: password

You can also access the control panel via: http://IP-ADDRESS/cpanel
Your FTP Hostname is:

Please make sure PASSIVE mode is OFF on all FTP software. We do not recommend that you use the IP address unless you cannot resolve the domain name.


To view or upload your web space before propogation
Use this to view your site before the domain name has propogated. We do not recommend that you use the IP address unless you really have to as this may change. You will always be able to access your account via the fully qualified domain name.


USERNAME: username
PASSWORD: password


If you get stuck with any of the above settings for your account, please Contact Us. Please note that if you use the IP address in your FTP, Email or control panel settings you may find that it will stop working as this is not the correct method for accessing them. Your access settings must always contain the domain.


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