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Support :: Remote Desktop Support


The NameHOG Remote Desktop Support is a great way of having any issues resolved on your computer, with very little hassle or having to spend too long on the telephone. We can securely connect straight to your computer without you having to install any software or have any computer knowledge. We have introduced this to be able to support people significantly better.


Supported Platforms:

Microsoft Windows
Apple Mac
Tablet PC's: Android, Windows & Blackberry
Smart Phones: Android, Palm, Bada, Symbian, Windows & Blackberry


Do you charge for this service?
No, absolutely not, its totally free of charge, as is all of our technical support. We are here to help you the best we can.


What do I need in order to use NameHOG's Remote Desktop Support?
To use the Remote Support facility, all you will need is an Internet browser and Java. Java is typically pre-installed on all computers and Internet browsers by default. If your computer doesn't have Java installed for some reason, please install it by clicking here.


Can NameHOG see exactly what I am seeing?
The NameHOG support technician can see an your screen exactly as you are seeing it, with some exceptions. If the person utilizing NameHOG's Remote Support technology has opted to implement security measures, the support technician may not be able to see any content on your screen. Additionally, certain fields may be masked from the support technician as a security measure, like credit card numbers and passwords.


Are NameHOG in control of my computer?
No, you have full control at all times, and can disconnect the Remote Support Session at any time by closing the browser window.


What can the NameHOG support technician do?
The support technician can see your screen and point with the pointer, or optionally you can grant full remote control for us to help even more. We strongly advise in granting full access as this will enable us to resolve whatever the issue may be in the quickest time.







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