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Service Level Agreement

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Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is specially tailored to meet your needs and sets out clearly what levels of service you can expect, and what compensation we will provide in the unlikely event of us failing to reach these levels. NameHOG place great emphasis on the quality of our service and feel that our industry leading SLA reinforces our commitment to provide you with the best possible service.


Dedicated Servers & Colocation Servivces: [ Service Level Agreement PDF Document ]


This service level agreement is part of the main Terms and Conditions that can be found here. This page is seperate as to enable easier navigation to it.


NameHOG Ltd. are one of the UK's best value web host. We would say that we were one of the first hosts in the country to introduce clear honest pricing & service guarantees to all customers. NameHOG's guarantees to you are below.


SLA-1: There are no hidden charges
With NameHOG, the price you see is the price you pay - unlike some of our competitors - there are no hidden charges, catches, small print or transfer fees. We make it very clear upfront how much you will be paying.


SLA-2: Secure Ordering
We guarantee that when you place an order on our web site, all your details will be protected and secure when its on our network. NameHOG use one of the most up to date advanced security measures to ensure that your details are safe. The ordering side of our web site is done with WorldPay which is 128-bit Encrypted Please make sure that when you are ordering you can see a padlock in the bottom of the window, this means that it is secure. We do not actually have access to your card information, it doesn't even enter our network, all we have is your address and order details.


SLA-3: Ownership of domain names
You are the registered legal owner of the domains that you buy through NameHOG - we only register them for you including all the admin work. This means that you have ultimate control over your domain names and the domain names are yours to use as you wish when you want to in the period that it is registered to you.


SLA-4: No advertising
We do not and will never put adverts or pop-up windows on your websites, we see this to be wrong. Some of our competitors, place unsightly advertisements for their company all over your website that you may be hosting with them - we do not do this!


SLA-5: Privacy Policy
We will not pass or sell your private information to anyone else, NameHOG Ltd. store your information securely. All your information is entered on file so that we can contact you etc, but your credit card details are destroyed after use. For a full outline of our Privacy Policy, please view the document here.


SLA-6: Web Site Backups & Availability
NameHOG take every care to ensure your data is kept safe. We take regular backups of your data, so that in the event of failure we should be able to restore your data to how it was before the event. Unfortunately hacking and cyber terrorism is an issue with every hosting provider and cannot always be avoided. As is widely known these days, taking backups of your data is very important, second to having virus protection software on your PC or MAC, so we strongly recommend everyone that they maintain a regular full backup of their account from within their control panel to ensure they have their own copy in case of total failure. NameHOG do carry out backups of your website data, but they do not form part of the service agreement with you. For more information on this and greater detail, please refer to section ELL-13 of your Terms and Conditions along with YMU-2 of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).


SLA-7: 99% Web Site Connectivity
Thanks to the power and resilience of our network infrastructure, we can guarantee that our network and equipment (see explanation below) will be available 99% of the time making sure your web site can always be found. If you find that we fail to meet this promise, liability is limited to the value of the annual hosting fee or the value of the domain name where a forwarder is provided only (per 24 hour period in excess of 24 hours downtime). After 24 hours we will refund 1 day's service for every hour that connectivity has been unavailable over and above 1% (1% allows us for 7 hours and 45 mins down time per month in any 31 day period) for the month, extending in value up to a maximum of your monthly subscription charge. Maximum liability it limited to £100 on any occasion. We can only offer compensation if your refund is greater than £25 due to admin costs. Anything under £25 will incur a £5 administration fee. If the fault if found to be not caused by our equipment, we are unable to refund any money.


The NameHOG 99% Connectivity Guarantee only applies to web and email hosting packages only, this also includes reseller web hosting packages. If in the event of server failure or down time you have found that we are unable to restore your data to your account, the 99% connectivity guarantee only applies to the account, not the data, if there is missing or corrupt data on your account, it is solely the account holders responsibility to restore the data from their own backup if ours are not available.


* Our network and equipment is guaranteed to be there 99% of the time, we cannot guarantee that equipment within the rest of the datacentre or equipment that is out of our control will have the same availability. This SLA only covers the equipment owned or leased by NameHOG Ltd. We do not cover any form of equipment failure outside of our control even if it causes downtime for services that you hold with us. We will however keep you informed of any issues that we are aware of.

Any questions concerning this Privacy Policy may be directed by e-mail to admin@namehog.net.

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