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At NameHOG we get asked lots of questions that we have to answer many times over,because all of these questions generally relate to hosting, we thought it would be a good idea to compile alist ofthe most frequently asked questions with the answers!


Do you have a Quick Start Guide for new customers?
Yes you can find our Quick Start hosting guide by clicking on the Web Hosting Quick Start Guide link here. This page explains all the basic settings you will need for FTP, Email and Control Panel access etc.


Do you display any banners or pop-up ads on my website?
Absolutely not!, 1200% banner free area. We do not agree with pop-ups!!!


Can take Credit / Debit card payments on my website?
Yes, you can take Credit and Debit card payments on your website. We cannot provide you with this service ourselves, but we have compiled a list of companies that you can use. If you click on this Online Payment Providers link, you will see a list of 7 different top companies for online payments. All of them can easily be integrated into your site and are compatible with the NameHOG servers.


Why should I go with NameHOG as my hosting provider?
When you choose NameHOG Hosting, we guarantee that your website will be hosted in the UK In a state of the art UK datacentre where some of the largest web hosting companies in the world are based. Being in such a high profile datacentre guarantees you premium UK hosting download speeds with masses of bandiwdth and better search engine listings unlike some of the competition who host in America or other parts of Europe. There are a large amount of smaller web hosting UK companies who use cheap webspace and servers located in the USA and Europe which could compromise the speed of your website. Host your web site with NameHOG in the UK for great success!


What operating system will my website be hosted on?
Your web site will be hosted on a CentOs Enterprise Linux 5.0 with Apache 2 and CPanel 11. We do not do windows hosting, all our packages are Linux based.


Do you support ASP .NET?
No im affriad we do not support ASP .NET, our servers run on Linux with Centos 5. We do not do windows hosting. You need windows for this application.


How frequently do you backup the data on the servers?
All the servers are running in either RAID 5 or RAID 10 to give hard disk redundancy, backups of the main data folders are stored on to seperate disks within a different server on an incremental basis and also once a day and once a week so that we can roll a backup back to any point within 30 days. Once a week we take backups from all of our backup servers to an even more secure location. This is done via a secure data line into a highly secure cold war nuclear bunker. Please refere to your terms and conditions with information on availability of backups in the event of failure. We strongly recommend everyone to take their own backups by using the backup facility within CPanel. This is the best and easiest way to back your site up, you should do this once a month or more. Please read your terms and conditions with reference to the backup and restore policy if you have any further details about backups.


Do you offer Microsoft Exchange Server integration or any others?
Yes on all our packages you have full control on the zone files so that you are able to change the MX record of the mail server to your own inhouse server. This would be ideal if you use Exchange server and not wishing to do POP3 calls to it. We do also offer another solution similar to exchange but Linux based from your web site. For more information on this please contact us.


Can I use my existing domain name when buying hosting?
Yes, when you place your order, simply click through from the hosting section of this web site and place your domain name in the "I will Use my existing Domain, and update my Nameservers only" box. Make sure you do not put www. in the box. If you would like to transfer your domain name to us, please see the transfers page for more information.


Can I trust NameHOG because they are cheap?
NameHOG Ltd. is now in its 8th year of business and has a very stable customer base and is ever increasing in client size. NameHOG have got a reputation for being an honest and affordable web host. We trynever to mislead any customer with what we tell them. The majority of our business comes from word of mouth recomendation.


Can I upgrade my hosting account?
Yes you can upgrade your hosting account at any point during your contract. We do advise you buy the correct one from the outset, but if you feel you need to upgrade then simply email accounts@namehog.net with your domain name and explain that you wish to upgrade. We will then bill you for the difference between the package you are on and the one you would like to upgrade too. In the case of downgrades, they are free of charge.


If I cancel my hosting account, do I get a refund?
Once a hosting account has been setup, we will be happy to delete it for you, but there can be no refunds made. Therefore please make sure that you want and can afford the hosting package(s) before you place the order, as you will be charged an extra £12.50 + VAT on top of the cost of the hosting account if there are insufficient funds in your account when the money is taken. If you wish to cancel the account to upgrade it, then just let us know and we will happily transfer the account onto another domain.


Do I have to pay a renewal fee & who will remind me?
Our new renewal system will remind you via email to renew, if you dont want to renew, just ignore the invoice and renewal notice. You must keep a valid email address on the Client Billing System else we will not be able to contact you.

The new system is fully automated so if you do want to renew and you do not pay the invoice by the specified date, it will automatically suspend your site then delete it! Our system does not fail so please pay ontime if you want to avoid disruption in your service.